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Homage Project ” Fashion Photography Threw Mr. Barker’s Eyes”

Nigel Barker                              Nigel Barker

  • Nigel Barker was born on April 27, 1962. He is a renowned English fashion photographer, best known for his participation as a judge and photographer on the popular TV show America’s Next Top Model. Barker, however, started off on the other side of the lens. At first he was a model until he fell in love with photography itself. He decided that his dream was not to be in pictures, but rather to take pictures. For over twenty years now, Barker has been taking the fashion world by storm. He opened his New York studio in 1996 and has continued to excel ever since. He now has his own show on Vh1 called The Shot. Aside from taking photographs, Barker also directs and produces commercials, films and documentaries for fashion-entertainment and Hollywood clients

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(Some samples of his photographs)

So these are some samples of his Photography. These photographs display models from the show “Americas Next Top Model

Born in London, Nigel is a contemporary portrait and fashion photographer. He was first introduced to fashion in the late 1980’s .His work includes clean lines and great ideas to help enhance his photos. He has his on studio as well, NBstudio.Hes a fashion photographer, his early works were more of basic photos with models in high end clothes. Currently his photography is much more intresting and abstract , yet perfectly displays the high end fashion.He uses”shallow depth in field alot in his photography.

The center of interest of the photograph Bellow is the model’s eyes. It is almost as if they speak to you. They are fierce and piercing. The placement of the subject is off to the right side of the frame, making use of the rule of thirds. The image is not at all busy. There are no busy patterns, which would distract from the model. The photograph was taken at the level of the water, and Nigel Barker actually got into the water to take this photo. Though it does not make the image look bad, the photograph is not perfectly balanced. There is more weight on the right side where the model’s entire arm and hand are out of the water, whereas on the left side only her hand sticks out of the water. There is also more smoke on the right side which also ads to the uneven weight distribution.

" I think this is a very exotic photo, I love the imagery reflection in the water."

Former model and current photographer,Nigel B. started on runways from Milan to New York to being behind the lens. He started StudioNB in 1996, as he left his British roots and opted for Manhattan’s Meat Packing District to be his work’s permanent home. Nigel’s done photography for GQ, Lucky, People and Interview. StudioNB’s advertising clients include Pierre Cardin, Ted Baker, Bentley and Frederick’s of Hollywood.

     Dear Fashion Board,

     I am very much inspired by Nigel Barkers creativity in photography. I plan to shoot fashion photos as my concept. I want to be able to create fine lines, and create shallow in depth. I also like the way Nigel plays with shadows and reflections.This was shown in the photo with half of the girls mouth under water and her eyes “fiercly” showing and creating the main emphasis of the photograph. I also want to create wierd or akward angles not only with the setting but with the models or model as well. Other elements i’d add would be more hue. Nigels photos contain great color that never over powers the photo it always is balanced or made neutral enough that it works with the photograph not against it. I want to portray a calm and almost mysterious mood out of my photographs. I also want to tell a story with just one snapshot.

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